Press Release: Bitcoin42 ATM’s are opening next week at the BIT Center in Tijuana!

Press Release: Bitcoin42 ATM’s are opening next week at the BIT Center in Tijuana!

We will present two ATM’s that buy and sell Bitcoins, one accepts US Dollars, the other Mexican Pesos. They are the first ones not only in Mexico but also in Latin America! With them, customers will also be able to buy a limited amount of Litecoins and Dogecoins. WOW!

Our main objective is a positive contribution to the potential of all living beings to develop, today and in the future. Our business model focuses on cultural, social, ecological, and economical projects that aim to tackle challenges in our society by developing creative solutions. Ethical and social responsibility is important to us. We are inspired by the Institute for Social Banking and the Economy for the Common Good, which received larger popularity since the banking crisis. To start, we will be giving 10% of all generated profits to local non-profit associations in Tijuana. Furthermore, customers will be able to choose the cause they want to donate to. Our motto: Think Global, Act Local!

We especially advocate for the use of crypto-currencies by non-profit organizations, so they can lower their administration costs. Through the use of crypto-currencies, non-profit organizations can get funds in a faster and more efficient way with the highest level of transparency. Through this, anybody can become a (truly) independent auditor, since one can provide information to verify balances and transactions and also allow the public to see how much in donations has been received and where it went.

We are also preparing the first Social and Ethical Crypto Currency Network, in order to enhance social and ethical responsibility in the world. We know this is a challenge, but we are ready to take it. We are open to suggestions, help and any form of support. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected] or visit us at our office, M5-3 at the Bit Center in Tijuana.

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